February 24, 2011

I am pleased to introduce the latest sweet little knit!  Say hello to Puppy!

Puppy is so so sweet and super soft.  I made him out of Sublime’s Luxurious Woolly Merino, which was such a joy to work with.  When you touch him, you’ll say, “THIS is wool??”  Seriously.  So soft.

There is one very sad little boy in my house since Puppy left.  Charlie fell completely in love with this little guy.  He tried so hard to convince me to let Puppy stay here!  Perhaps I’ll need to make another one when Charlie’s birthday comes around.

The other pieces I’ve been working on are new lovies!  First is the lovely purple lovie.  Haha, lovely lovie!  (Can you tell I’m easily amused?)  It’s made from a cashmere blend that is AMAZING.  If I could, I’d make myself an entire wardrobe out of this yarn.  So. Good.

And here’s the second lovie, made from the same wonderful yarn.  Delicious!!

FYI, the Puppy pattern is courtesy of Rebecca Danger, and the lovie patterns are my own.


Here they are!

February 14, 2011

As promised, here are the latest creations.  Sorry for the delay!

I had the privilege of making these four little girls for the four daughters of a friend, Heather.  Even though I use the same pattern for each one, it’s amazing to see how each one has it’s own distinct personality.  Here they are scrunching together for a family photo!

Next are my favorites – the monster families!  These went to their temporary home with my dear friend Linda this morning, and she plans to gift them to a pair of sweet little girls.

Linda is so very dear to my heart.  I first met Linda about a year ago at Trader Joe’s.  (Which, by the way, is the #1 place I meet people.  Who knows why!)  She works in the demo area, kindly giving my boys many cookies and cups of juice each week when we do our shopping.  One day, Linda asked me if I had any good ideas for a baby shower gift as we were chatting.  I told her I would think about it, and it wasn’t until I arrived home that I realized, DUH!  I OWN A BABY SHOP!  Seriously.  So the following week we made our trek to Trader Joe’s, I gave her my card, we laughed over my total flake-out moment, and she placed an order for a hat.  My very first order.  Linda has been a huge supporter of Sweet Little Knits from the very start.  Her kindness and encouragement have touched my heart so deeply.  Thank you for all you do, Linda!  You are a blessing to me.

I hope to knit a few more of these over the coming weeks to put in the shop.  They are such a joy to knit!  There’s nothing like seeing them spring to life from my needles.  Would you like your very own?  Please feel free to comment and let me know!

Monster pattern courtesy of Rebecca Danger, my very favorite designer!  If you haven’t seen her Big Book of Knitted Monsters, check it out here.

Last week I had the honor of working with the super-talented Nancy Merkling, a completely wonderful friend and amazing photographer.  I brought my bag of yummy knits to her studio, located in the Starline Gallery in lovely Harvard, IL, and the rest is history!  She and her fabulous intern Katie got to work, bringing a new perspective and amazing life to my work.

Hello there, ultra cuteness!!  Here are the latest creatures to come off my needles–a sweet little dolly (my own creation!) and a mama + baby monster (pattern courtesy of Rebecca Danger).

I think she was ready for her closeup!  Can you believe her hair?  I love the pigtails!  Nancy did such a fabulous job capturing her sweetness and snuggliness.

The pattern for this blankie is one that my grandma used to make blankets for my boys when they were born.  Since she isn’t with us anymore, I knew I had to make one for my dear cousin’s new baby girl.  I love this pattern because it’s so classic.  I won’t look at it in 10 years and say, “What was I thinking??”  It’s soft and warm and just right for babies.  I’m getting excited to get started on another one soon.

Okay, doesn’t this totally make you think of a little Italian villa?  I am AMAZED at Nancy’s creativity!  She took these shots in the boiler room at the gallery.  I think I could spend all day every day following her around and soaking up all her creative energy and excitement.  This little guy is a lovie, aka a mini-blanket.  It’s good for tiny ones who want something to snuggle with but can’t have a big blankie yet.

Wow, all this talking about babies and blankies and snuggling is making me want another baby.  Uh oh.

What a treat it was to work with Nancy!  If you ever have the opportunity to spend time with her, you’ll see what I mean.  So so so great to be with!  She offers several different workshops out of her studio for anyone who is looking to learn how to use their camera or hone their photography skills.  I HIGHLY recommend checking them out!  And if you go for a workshop, you’ll get to spend time in the sweetest studio ever.  Really.

Just a note: If you would like your very own sweet little dolly or mama + baby monster, just let me know!  I am able to do custom color combinations and many different sizes.  Email me (sweetlittleknits at gmail dot com) or comment and I will get back to you.  You can also check out my shop at  More monsters are coming soon!

Almost finished!

March 29, 2010

Here’s a sneak peek at my latest baby blanket, made especially for little miss Lucy.

I just can’t wait to wrap this up and send it to it’s new home!  Oh, just the thought of a sweet new baby snuggled up in it melts my heart.  I hope you enjoy your new Katie-made blankie, sweet baby Lucy.

…I would pick these!

I am so so pleased to introduce wool diaper covers to sweet*little*knits!  Many cloth diapering mamas use wool covers on their babes because of wool’s complete and total awesomeness.  Wool has antibacterial properties, so wool covers do not need to be washed after every use.  You can let them air dry (unless they’re poopy!!) and reuse them without any smell.  Wool can hold an incredible amount of liquid before it begins to feel wet to the touch.  That makes these covers an awesome choice for nighttime or for heavy wetters.  Wool is very breathable, and will keep your baby warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Can you imagine wearing a pair of plastic shorts in the summer?  That can’t be comfortable.

The best part about these sweet covers is that they are SUPER soft.  I pulled one out during a visit to my mom’s last weekend, and no one believed me that it was wool.  My family kept feeling it over and over and asking me if I was SURE it was wool.  Yes, indeed.  It’s really wool and it’s really that soft.  My preferred wool is Malabrigo.  It is produced in Uruguay and hand-dyed there by a women’s cooperative.  They have some really fabulous colors.  I think if I could knit my entire wardrobe out of Malabrigo, I would.  I find that most wool has at least a little bit of pickiness to it when I rub it up against my neck or wrists.  Malabrigo is one of the only wools I’ve found that doesn’t feel picky at all.  Hooray for amazingly soft wool!

I’m working on getting more covers made for the shop right now, and I will have an option for custom-knit covers soon.  That way you can pick whatever size/color combination you want!  I’m also working on getting a cover made up from Shepherd’s Wool.  It’s every bit as soft as Malabrigo, but it’s made at a farm in Michigan!  I’m always a fan of supporting the motherland as much as possible.  The economic situation there is unbelievable, especially near my hometown.  There are still a few kinks to work out with the Shepherd’s Wool covers, but as soon as they’re ready, I’ll let you know!

There are so many cool things I’m working on for the shop.  I wish I could knit faster so I could show them all to you right now!  But for now, enjoy these sweet little diaper covers.  Too bad I can’t let you feel them through the screen!

Sweet Little Knits is open!

January 30, 2010

After much hard work and much second-guessing, I have finally opened Sweet Little Knits on Etsy!  Woohoo!  Thank you to all of you who have been supporting and encouraging me through this process.  You are such a blessing to me!  Over the next few weeks, look for more items to be listed in the shop, and come back here to see what I’m working on.  There’s so much I can’t wait to share with you!

Here’s a peek at the very first item listed in my shop–the sweet baby elf hat.

I had to make a pink one, I just had to.  I have been knitting so many blue and brown items for my own little ones that I could hardly wait to break into this awesome pink and purple yarn.  Every time I look at it I just have to grin 🙂

Check out this sweet little button!!  This hat was crying out for a flower button, and I found the perfect one at my local Hobby Lobby.  (Have I mentioned how much I love Hobby Lobby?  No?  Well, just wait…)

Here’s another shot of sweet little C sporting his very own elf hat.  This one gives you a better look at how the hat fits.  I like how it covers his ears and stays close to his neck around the sides and back.  He stays nice and warm in it, provided he actually keeps it on his head!  Now I just have to make one for his big brother.  E is desperate for his own hat.  Perhaps this afternoon we can get cozy in the living room and I can churn one out!

Sweet Baby Elf Hat

January 18, 2010

It’s finally here!

The very first sweet baby elf hat from sweet little knits! I’ve been working for a few weeks now on an elf hat prototype, and this is the one I’ve settled on.

Little C is absolutely in love with his new hat.  He keeps coming over to pet the yarn, saying, “Oh wow!”  The only problem is that he thinks anything hand-knitted is to be snuggled, NOT to be worn.  But that’s okay!  As long as he likes it, I’m happy.

I’ll be listing more sweet baby elf hats in the shop very soon!  Let me know what you think!