Happy Birthday to my sweet boys

April 23, 2010

March and April have been very busy here in our house!

My sweet baby Ethan turned 4.  I can hardly believe how grown up he is!  (Check out those dimples!!)  Some noteworthy things about Ethan: he loves to build with blocks, and is very creative with his inventions; he hates wearing pants; he knows all the words to about 10 different hymns and sings them with me at bedtime; and his favorite movies are Ponyo and My Neighbor Totoro.  He is a very intense boy, to say the least.  He feels so very deeply and has such a wide range of emotions.  He’s my sensitive little one, but such a strong leader.  I am so excited to see the man he turns out to be!

Charlie will be 2 already next week.  He’s our little charmer!  His favorite things right now include copying everything Ethan does, trains, trucks, yelling HI! out the window at everyone who walks by, playing outside, and dancing.  He’s always happy to oblige when I say, “Charlie, do a little dance,” putting his elbows out and moving his shoulders all around.  He’s our little snuggle bug, always wanting a quick hug or kiss and saying, “Love you mom-mom” or “Love you Da-eeee.”

Could we be any more blessed?


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